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XSL Appliance Tool for the Web


About this script

This script enables you to apply any XSL file on the web to any XML file on the web.

Testing the XSL Appliance Tool

Below are a few URLs for XML files on the web. The .xsd files will work with the XSD2DTD and XSD2HTML XSL files. All XML files should work with the Pretty Tree Viewer

Copy and paste any of the following .xsd URLs into the XML URL text box above:

  • http://xml.gov/draft/drm20060105.xsd
  • http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/egov/documents/FEA_XML_Schema_Rev_2.3.xsd
  • http://www.ivoa.net/xml/VOTable/VOTable-1.1.xsd
  • http://xml.house.gov/bill.xsd

Then to apply any of the stylesheets, copy and paste one of the following into the XSL URL text box:

    For XSD2HTML: http://crism.maden.org/consulting/pub/xsl/xsd2html.xsl 1
    For XSD2DTD: http://crism.maden.org/consulting/pub/xsl/xsd2dtd.xsl 1
    For a tree view: http://skew.org/xml/stylesheets/treeview/html/tree-view.xsl 2

Then click on the Submit Query Button


One major benefit of this tool is that an XSL developer intending to publish XML and XSL can quickly render various XML files within their repository with various XSL files.

XSL Sources

1 The effort was inspired by the two XSL scripts for XSD files written by Christopher Maden. Chris has granted permission for their re-use here. Thanks Chris.

2 Pretty XML Tree Viewer produces an HTML document that shows, in the form of 'ASCII art', the node structure of an XML document. A CSS 1 stylesheet (tree-view.css) helps render the HTML in an appealing style. The tree-viewer XSL script was written by Mike J. Brown and Jeni Tennison and the XSL file states that it can be freely re-used without a license if it is credited.