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XML Datasets
[Under Construction]

A <new> way to view XML data on the web

Enter an XML website address (http://...):

Goal 1: Provide an alternative view of XML files on the web based on the XML file’s internal structure. The file contents, when shown in tables, is based on the XML datasets inherent in the XML file. This approach provides a “better-than-adequate” view of XML files without style sheets and a unique “behind-the-stylesheet” view of files with style sheets.

Goal 2: Provide a sort of collection point for XML files on the web based on Document Type and Internet Domain. So, when you enter the URL for an XML file in the box above, that file gets added to the [Websites] and [DocTypes] at the upper left.

Have fun exploring what’s here already and add as many files as you want.

Created: November 12, 2008